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Kärntnermilch reg.Gen.m.b.H.



Kärntnermilch reg.Gen.m.b.H.
Villacher Straße 92, A-9800 Spittal/Drau
Tel: +43 (0)47 62 / 610 61 0
Fax Management: +43 (0) 4762 / 610 61 861
Fax Sales/Marketing: +43 (0) 4762 / 610 61 862






Kärntnermilch, Bio+, MILKfit


Scherzer Reinhard, Obmann
Dir. Helmut Petschar, Geschäftsführer

Sales & Marketing:

Wolfgang Kavalar, Leiter Marketing / Verkauf

Product range:

Single source supplier of the white and yellow range in the conventional sector and in the organic sector. Specialist in the production of lactose-free products.


  • White range: fresh milk, ESL milk, sour milk products, yoghurts, sour cream, cream (fresh and ESL), kitchen products such as mascarpone, crème fraîche, butter, curd cheese, drink yoghurts, fruit whey drinks, desserts
  • Yellow range: semi-hard cheese, hard cheese, naturally ripened hard and semi-hard cheese, cheese specialities such as e.g. cheese with added ingredients
  • Gastronomy: large packs for fine cuisine



IFS-Certificate, Austria Bio Garantie, Agrovet
Health mark: AT 20130 EG
Organic mark: AT-BIO-301
Guaranteed GMO-free productio



Kärntnermilch has been combining tradition with innovation, and quality with sustainability and environmental awareness, for over 85 years. In 1928 the company was founded under the name "Oberkärntner Molkerei". Kärntnermilch is a farming cooperative and has been located in Spittal/Drau since 1950. Kärntnermilch employs 180 employees. The milk prices that are paid out to over 1,600 farmers and their families in the region is their livelihood. Many suppliers, carriers, craftsmen, etc. from the region are an integral part of the company.


Freshness, quality, sustainability and regionality: Those are the 4 cornerstones of Kärntnermilch. All of the work, research and development of Kärntnermilch is based on these fundamental values. It is the company's top priority to supply customers with the valuable raw material milk in the highest possible quality, while at the same time ensuring  for a liveable future by doing business in an environmentally and resource-friendly way.



The quality of the milk depends on how the cows are fed. Kärntnermilch has set new standards with strict quality control criteria and guaranteed GMO-free feeding. Kärntnermilch has the lowest cell count limit in Austria and Europe. Due to the strict controls, the Kärntnermilch farmers deliver the best quality raw milk in Austria. The hygiene requirements on the farms also have a positive effect on the health of the animals.